Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The relationship of perceived parenting Styles and parental religiousness with Spirituality Intelligence in students of    M.Sc.    azadfar, najme    2010-05-21
2    study of the Interaction Effect of Movement Therapy and Biofeedback on the Neuropsychological Characteristics in Mothers of Children with Special Learning Disabilities    M.Sc.    sarvi, marziye    2010-10-05
3    The relationship of Sense of Coherence and Hardiness with Mental Health and Coping with Stress    M.Sc.    sabri nazarzadeh, Rashin    2011-02-09
4    The effect of descriptive and traditional evaluation on    M.Sc.    saljoghi, farhad    2011-03-21
5    The effectiveness group reality Therapy on increasing mo\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\tivation and decreasing academic procrastination in students    M.Sc.    nikbakht, elham    2011-06-06
6    Relationship between attachment styles and alexithymia with Hypochondriasis in non-clinical population the students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    bakhty, mojtaba    2011-06-07
7    The role of self-determination needs, information quality and usability to continuing interest in e-learning technology    M.Sc.    kharazmi, akram    2011-06-10
8    investigate the academic procrastination of Ferdowsi university students and its relationship with familiarity with learning strategies and problem-solving skills    M.Sc.    mortezaee, zeanab    2011-06-12
9    Representation of Curriculum Design Pattern at Payam-e-Noor University Based on the Blended Learning approach    Ph.D    ajam, aliakbar    2011-06-15
10    The relationship between mother’s and their daughter’s Procrastination and Defense Styles    M.Sc.    safarzadeh, asieh    2011-10-26
11    The realationship of Sence of Coherence and Self-Differention with Happiness and Quality of life    M.Sc.    rezaiy, zahra    2011-11-08
12    Roll of morality, internalization & self-regulation in compliance with traffic rules and their relationship with danger perception among preschoolers    M.Sc.    graieli, fateme    2011-12-20
13    Designed to family centered assess and therapy based on integrated developmen of human model and its effectiveness in neuro psychological profile in children with autism spectrum disorders    Ph.D    aali, shahrbanoo    2012-01-21
14    The relationship between percieved dimentions of parenting and sense of coherence with academic procrastination and motivation    M.Sc.    fazlali, najmeh    2012-05-08
15    A Comparison of Metacognition and Autobiographical Memory Performance in People with OCD, Social Phobia and Normal People    M.Sc.    nazarzadeh ramezani, farideh    2012-05-22
16    relationship between learned helplessness and academic achievement with the intervention of test anxiety and academic procrastination.    M.Sc.    Amirian, Khadijeh    2012-06-24
17    The relationship between parenting styles with thinking styles and coping strategies    M.Sc.    jalayr, naimeh    2012-07-01
18    Comparision of the efficiency of computerized working memory training and computerized games on Performance the intelligence and Spelling Students with learning disability    M.Sc.    tookaloo, zohre    2012-10-21
19    the Role mediator sense of coherence in relation styles of attachment with self-regulation    M.Sc.    ghaedifar, hamideh    2012-11-06
20    relationship between academic adjustment and quality of life with academic procrastination.    M.Sc.    akhlaghi Bagherjeri, Akram    2012-11-07
21    The examine the relationship of alexithymia and resilience with mental health of students and teaching staff in dromitory of school of bakharz city    M.Sc.    shah hosaini, zahra    2013-01-15
22    The relationship between spiritual intelligence and cognitive styles with educational efficacy    M.Sc.    Momeni madvar, Fatemeh    2013-04-23
23    The effect of scence of coherence in ralationship between defense style and mental helth    M.Sc.    mozaffari, nafiseh    2013-04-23
24    Comparison of Neurofeedback Treatment and Emotionally Focused Group Therapy on Reducing Alexithymia and Improving Marital Satisfaction    M.Sc.    Fakhri, Maryam Sadat    2013-04-24
25    ralationship beetwin meta cognition and learning style with self regulation and anxety exam    M.Sc.    sarbazvatan, tahereh    2013-04-29
26    examine functional emotional developmental stages, and sensory processing disorder in children with autism disorder    M.Sc.    alizadeh, hoda    2013-05-05
28    The effectiveness of the combination of purposeful play and story focused on preschool children    M.Sc.    Farzad Fard, Seyedeh Afarin    2013-05-21
29    The relationship between resiliency To relative attachment styles and problem solving    M.Sc.    loveimie, sharifeh    2013-05-29
30    the efect of self awaerness on spritual intelligent    M.Sc.    zarifian, fereshteh    2013-10-22
31    Effects of reminiscence and reinforce spiritual beliefs - religion on death anxiety in elderly    M.Sc.    zahra sadat, aliaki    2013-10-22
32    Relationship between Family Function and Sense of coherence with Academic motivation in high school students    M.Sc.    babaie, aghileh    2013-11-24
33    Relationship between irrational beliefs and academic situation in students of Ferdowsi university of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Ziaee Poor, Zahra    2013-12-02
34    2The relationship between disease duration and intensity of physical effects on the sense of coherence and mental health, diabetes type II diabetes    M.Sc.    hosene, maryam    2013-12-03
35    The Effectiveness of Group Therapy Based on Clark,s Cognitive Control Theory on Decreasing Abundance and Severity of Symptoms, Obsessive Beliefs, Thought-Action Fusion and Self-worth of Patients with OCD    M.Sc.    yazdi, mostafa    2014-01-28
36    The effectiveness of practical training of play therapy to mothers (based on the CPRT approach) on improvement of mental development of the children and maternal self-efficacy, parent- child relationship quality and happiness in the mothers    M.Sc.    sadeghi, abolghasem    2014-02-04
37    scruting psychopathy in criminal jurisprudence and enacted law    Ph.D    komeili, monireh    2014-03-02
38    The study of relationship between expression of religiosity and procrastination with mediation of defense styles    M.Sc.    nouri, nafise    2014-03-04
39    عوامل روانشناختی سبب ساز بیماری های قلبی در ایران: مرور نظام دار، فرا تحلیل، طراحی و اثربخشی الگوی روان درمانگری ویژه بیماران قلبی    Ph.D    Soltani Shal, Reza    2014-03-12
40    Considering relation of identity styles and attribution styles with procrastination in students of ferdowsi universiti of Mashhad on 2013-14    M.Sc.    sharififard, yahya    2014-05-18
41    effectiveness of imago relationship therapy on marital intimacy in women with unachived identity    M.Sc.    nezakati, nafise    2014-05-19
42    A comparative study of self-management in the qran and hadith with self-regulation in the Psychology    Ph.D    hojjat farsangi, maryam    2014-06-01
43    Investigate the relationship between perceived parenting style and test anxiety with intermediacyself-efficacyacademic    M.Sc.    aeen, sofiya    2014-06-03
44    Investigation of relationship between the pilgrimage of imam reza with people’s happiness, life satisfaction, quality of life    M.Sc.    hosseini, kobra    2014-06-07
45    A Comparative Study of the role of parenting in mothers of children with special needs and Normal and role of coping strategies in it    M.Sc.    babae pour, maryam    2014-06-10
46    The Effectiveness of child - parent play therapy on depression symptoms in children with cancer , and decreasing perceived stress on their mothers , and improveing child – parent relationship    M.Sc.    Alavian, Roya Sadat    2014-06-10
47    academic    M.Sc.    hatamzadeh, ehsan    2014-06-23
48    Comparing the effectiveness of spiritual skills package and life skills package on mental health, coping styles and assertiveness of students at Shahid Beheshti school of Islamic science    M.Sc.    safaee, saleh    2014-09-23
49    the role of perfectionism in the relationship between Procrastination and academic identity    M.Sc.    gholami, mehdi    2014-10-11
50    Comparison of sensory processing abilities of the blind and deaf boys in Mashhad and its relationship with academic self-efficacy and academic performance    M.Sc.    moslehi, saeed    2014-11-15
51    comporision of emotional schima attachment styles and percieved parenting styles in druge addicted and ordinary people    M.Sc.    rahimi olia, hamed    2015-03-03
52    Principles of Emotional Intellgence in Nahj al-Balaghah    Ph.D    ,    2015-03-08
53    the role of social capital and Psychological capital in Marital adjustment    M.Sc.    arab, bibisaeedeh    2015-03-10
54    Efficacy of dialectical behavior therapy group reducing psychological symptoms of mitral valve prolapse syndrome heart    M.Sc.    salehi, masood    2015-04-28
55    A cognitive-based method of recitation of Quran in comparison with the traditional method    M.Sc.    Tabatabaei Sharabad, Zahra    2015-05-25
56    Role of Religious Commitment in Predicting Marital Satisfaction with Mediation of Patience and Acknowledgement    M.Sc.    hanoor, fatemeh    2015-05-26
57    Investigated the psychological and social capital and its relationship with the spirituality of married women    M.Sc.    sharafi, naime    2015-06-09
58    The relationship between Environmental research training and personality traits with Neglect research    M.Sc.    hoseini, seyedaliakbar    2015-06-15
59    examine the effect of teaching mathematics through play based education on students’ executive function ability, operational ability and problem solving ability at the fourth grade of primary school    M.Sc.    yosefi, mehdi    2015-06-20
60    compare the effectiveness of academic self regulation and ellis rational emotional reduced academic self handicapping and procrastination-    M.Sc.    gholamzadeh, parisa    2015-06-20
61    The Comparison Effectiveness Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Based on The Theory of Mental Contamination and Medication on Reduction of Indicators of Recovery in Patients with OCD Washing With Mental Contamination    M.Sc.    fatemifar, fatemeh    2015-10-13
62    Parenting styles of Iranian parents; attitueds, Comparative Study, Extraction and measurement of indigenous model: A mixed method study    Ph.D    Ramezani, Valiollah    2016-01-06
63    The Role of Psychological Capital in Anticipation of Juvenile Delinquent Behaviors Mediated by Empathy and Forgiveness    M.Sc.    agha larzadeh, iran    2016-02-02
64    academic identity...Academic Achievement...self efficacy    M.Sc.    rahmani, mahboubhe    2016-06-14
65    the effectiveness of ecucating parenting according to islamic paradigm on reducing maternal parenting stress    M.Sc.    izadpanah mohamad abadi, sharife    2016-06-14
66    The role of spiritual intelligence and attribution styles in predicting learning styles in students of pre-university    M.Sc.    masbough, mari    2016-06-14
67    The role of spiritual intelligence and religious orientation in emotional self-regulation and confrontation with temptation to sin in cyberspace among students of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    norozi ghale safa, somaye    2016-06-26
68    Fundamentals of Personality Theory in Molla Sdra s View    Ph.D    SHEIKHNEZAMI, SAMANE    2016-07-03
69    The Role of Executive Functions and Attachment Styles in Prediction of Psychological Capital in Student of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    bagherzadeh, somayeh    2016-10-04
70    The inseparability of the elements of experience in the teaching – Learning environments: the transition from the churchland’s neuro philosophy to the Varela’s neuro phenomenology    Ph.D    sharafi, hosein    2017-02-28
71    The Relationship between Teacher and Students' Perfectionism on Self-Efficacy and Academic Burnout by Mediating Exam Anxiety    M.Sc.    salehinezhad, maryam    2017-04-08
72    Effectiveness of Emotion Regulation Group Training Through Play on Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Academic Motivation in Girl Students    M.Sc.    arab, zeynab    2017-04-20
73    the role of parents interaction patterns in obsessive-compulsive disorder in iranian culture    Ph.D    goli, ehsan    2017-05-06
74    The formulation and implementation of the protocol for regulating masturbation which emphasized on Islamic approaches - case study    M.Sc.    azarbadkan, fatemeh    2017-05-09
75    The mediating role of sense of coherence in the relationship between attachment and alexithymia    M.Sc.    gharibzadeh, zobeide    2017-05-16
76    Investigating the role of Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences in Marital Satisfaction with the Mediating Role of Forgiveness    M.Sc.    fazel, fahime    2017-05-23
77    Investigating the Factors Affecting Women's extramarital Relationships: Designing, Compilation and implementation of multidimensional interventions    Ph.D    ghafoorian noroozi, parisa    2017-07-11
78    Developing an Educational Program to Overcome Moral Abnormalities Based on Ghazali's Veiw    M.Sc.    tavakoli, zahra    2017-10-17
79    The effect of schema therapy on reducing early maladaptive schemas of anxiety and marital conflict in mothers withe Down syndrome in Sabzevar, Iran    M.Sc.    ghalenovi, Fereshteh    2018-04-10
80    Investigating the relationship between alexithymia, emotional regulation strategies and marital satisfaction By Mediation couples communication patterns    M.Sc.    asgarnia faal, vagihe    2018-06-12
81    The Effectiveness of compassion-focused therapy (CFT) on the Self- Compassion and Psychological Capital of women headed households    M.Sc.    abadi koshkmehdi, nahid    2018-06-12
82    The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Positive-based on life quality improvement (QOLi) on the quality of life and Psychological Well-being of women headed households    M.Sc.    zohoori, samane    2018-06-12